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Imagine if Northeast Wisconsin was a world renowned epicenter for arts and culture. Imagine being an integral part of the second Renaissance. Imagine the place we call home being a draw for future generations to plant roots, be creative, and flourish. Support us toward this vision. Together we can make this dream a reality. A reality where a better world starts here.

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We participate in the arts because of our basic human need for expression, validation, inspiration, understanding, delight, and joy. The arts allow us to relax, to escape, to be moved, and to form social bonds with others with whom this experience is shared. Supporting the arts defines the kind of community in which we wish to live, care for our families, help our neighbors, and offer to others to visit or make their homes. A community in which the arts are part of a common agenda to civic health is an ideal worth striving toward.

Founded in July 2017, The Northeast Wisconsin Arts Association (NEWAA) is an arts startup with community enriching aspirations. We believe the arts and creativity benefit everyone. Our efforts are focused on uplifting all types of artists, growing the creative economy, connecting people via all expressions of art, and bringing more art opportunities into more people's lives.

A grassroots social enterprise, we rely on the generosity of donors and sponsors to help us help artists and arts organizations thrive in the 18 counties we serve. Please consider a contribution in support of our mission to connect and grow Northeast Wisconsin's economic, educational, and civic sectors by connecting the arts and the community.

We all must work together to build thriving, creative, vibrant, inclusive communities throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Passion and dedication alone do not make it happen. Financial resources are needed to host this website director, keep it updated, to fund marketing and promotion, and to cover basic administrative costs.

Giving = Love. Enriching our communities through the arts makes life better for all of us. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Our Impact

Want to bring more arts and culture into our community? Support the organizations that support our artists. I am always amazed by Jean Detjen’s passion for the arts and what it can do for our community. She is relentless and I really admire her and her never-ending determination!

– Kim Pigeon-Metzner

It is always great to see local groups supporting the arts in our community… By providing resources to new artists, collaborations, and advice, your organization is providing an invaluable resource to anyone looking to begin or otherwise strengthen a career in the arts… Best of luck as your organization continues to grow!

– Amanda Stuck, Wisconsin State Representative, 57th

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Our Donors

NEWAA is made possible by the generous contributions of our patrons. We would like to sincerely thank all who have supported our work.

Shannon Kennedy

Jeff Romenesko

Timothy Fruehe

Julie Schaller-Schmidt

Karen Harkness

Michelle Cihla

Keevie Bremhorst

Ian Thomson

Jess Grim

Kimberly Willems

Eric & Jeanine Knapp

Diana Jonen

Kim Pigeon-Metzner