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Most of what I create is self taught , but I have to give the credit to my enthusiasm for Art to my High School Art teacher. He taught me that Art can be everything and anything , don't be tied down to one medium or style. We did everything in his class, started out by digging our own clay for ceramics. Its ironic, because I have built a home within yards of where we dug clay back in 1965. We also did Lost Wax Casting , Jewelry Making , Painting , Water Color , Carving , Sculpture , Lithographs and much , much more.
One night we stayed after school and poured a Bronze , Lost Wax Casting , I will NEVER forget that night. He said, " now when we pour this there will be a lot of spitting and fire if there is wax left in the mold , I don't care if slag or anything goes on you , DO NOT drop this crucible . If we drop this crucible on the floor we will both die". Who did Bronze Casting in High School ? WOW
My Art finds me , I never get Artist Block , I have to look away from inspirations to avoid running out of space in my studio.

I have been called an " Opportunist Artist " , I think that name fits me very well.

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