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Over the past five years, I've had the opportunity to DJ a wide variety of events in Northeastern Wisconsin... Weddings, happy hours, dance parties, pop-up markets, art openings, birthdays and more... my passion is playing great music for people and setting the tone of the event. I work closely with the hosts to determine the mood and atmosphere they're going for, and I pride myself on crafting custom playlists that become the perfect soundtrack for each event. Sometimes the host has something very specific in mind, and other times they leave it up to me... I enjoy and welcome both.

Classic funk and soul mixed with some modern bangers for an all-night dance party? Sophisticated avant-garde instrumentals and jazz for an art opening?
Retro pop music for an 80's-themed dress up party?
I'll do it all... and I love a challenge!

I don't do the cheesy wedding-DJ / Chicken Dance / talking between every song shtick... not that there's anything wrong with that. Instead, I do something a little different and unique. I play only vinyl records, and for each event, I comb through my extensive collection to put together the perfect set of songs.
I love music... all kinds of music, and I enjoy going through my collection to tailor the setlist to fit every event perfectly.

I bring my own turntables, mixer and PA (if the host doesn't have one available) and I will happily DJ for any type of event.

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