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  • Fantastic Community Artist! ,

    I met Cristian when we were both volunteering for SPARK, artistic and cultural programming for people with memory loss. He was so kind, gentle and knowledgeable in our big group discussions about art, I remembered him when it came time to hire artists in residents for the public library I was working at during the time. He far exceeded my expectations and not only hung beautiful abstract paintings in the library, but also did everything in a timely manner and was very easy to work with. Cristian went into a local high school twice to interact with students and teach them more about his style of painting. The students all got a lot out of it. The residency culminated with an art reception in which students (and Cristian) hung their art in the library and we have live music, food, drink and lots of great conversations about art. He truly inspired the students. He has since started his own branch of SPARK and is doing interesting, unique art for this area and I know he will continue to do amazing things!