Treble Stigen - Member of the Month - October 2019

You never know how Holly “Treble” Stigen’s passions for music, photography, community and the environment are going to fuse. She’s never afraid to mix things up in fresh, unexpected ways.

Cujo Hip Hop - Member of the Month - September 2019

Creatively weaving hip-hop, rap, poetry, and spoken word arts, Cujo is intent upon speaking “truth to power.” Vulnerability exposed as challenging questions are raised, he shines a light on uncomfortable realities as he strives to raise collective consciousness.

Haven Paul - Member of the Month - August 2019

Inspired by natural surroundings and unabating wanderlust, HavenPaul sees the life of intention he has created as his most meaningful work of art. Paul’s intricate renderings bloom with color and passion.

Leif Larson - Member of the Month - July 2019

Multi-faceted artist Leif Larson’s paintings, drawings, murals, and live performances continually surprise and delight with their fresh wit and keen observation about humanity. His engaging creativity is saturated with color and warmth.

Stephanie Harvey - Member of the Month - June 2019

While most known for her photography, printmaking, and fiber art, Stephanie Harvey refuses to be tied down by one creative medium or singular form of artistic expression. Fueled by a natural curiosity about the world, she has continually evolved as an artist since her childhood.

Beau Thomas - Member of the Month - May 2019

Green Bay Mural artist and creative entrepreneur Beau Thomas | Trackside Design has been selected as NEWAA’s May 2019 Member of the Month. Beau has created an impressive array of public art in his community, making it more welcoming, engaging, and walkable.

A New Website

Welcome to our new website! On behalf of NEWAA’s creative network of artists and arts organizations, we’re so glad you're here. Art is good for us and makes communities stronger. The artists who bring art into our lives deserve to be celebrated.

Letter to our Members December 2018

Read the letter we sent to our members in December of 2018. In it we explain some of our struggles in the past and our vision for the future.

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